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C A R O L Y N   M A R I E  S H I E L D S

Location: Philadelphia

Home: That Mason Dixon Border


My Story

Hello there! My name is Carolyn. Ever since I was little I've had about a hundred various interests and hobbies. Back then it ranged from playing Robin Hood in the woods, to writing 75,000+ word novels at the age of thirteen, to studying constellations. It's a trait I still have: I'm so curious about everything. Now it's about beekeeping, mushrooms, obscure historical figures (like Marie Antoinette's daughter!), and ornithology. (You should see my bookshelves).

So naturally, this trait comes out in my work. I dabble in everything, and though I have a wide skill set, I do not specialize in any one thing which is why I can afford to keep my rates so low. I love web design and showcasing your hard work. I love graphic design and creating something that you can touch. And I love capturing those moments from behind a lens (which is where I always prefer to be!). 

So welcome to this site! I would love to work with you and hear more about who you are and what you do!

Want to collaborate?

Have you been thinking of putting out an annual magazine to keep your benefactors and donors engaged?  Did you realize how even resumes are subject to criticism based on their design alone, but you're not sure what to do?  Do you have a corporate event coming up and need a quick and simple tshirt design? Well let's get to work! Currently my graphic design rate is just $25/hr.

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