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Visio Divina is a collection of sacred art and the method of praying with them, called Visio Divina. Over one hundred pages are comprised of scripture, reflection questions, and art to be discussed either in a group or privately.

Available here.


Looking for a confirmation saint? Looking to be inspired? Looketh no further. This guide is written in a casual style and provides information on over 400 saints, but here's the kicker: it condenses their lives into one brief paragraph, essentially sharing the one thing you should know about St. Wilgelfortris, the woman who grew a beard, the short and tragic life of St. Barula, and St. Simon, the man responsible with the task of the Brown Scapular....and more!

With over 10,000 saints in the Catholic Church, how is one to choose her confirmation sponsor? Or who to name their child after? Or simply who to look to for inspiration?

SAINTS provides snippets of hundreds of lives, planting the seed to help you dig deeper and to grow in your faith.

(Now with a fresh look!)

Available here.


You can find most of my writing at theYoungCatholicWoman, a site I founded and am currently the Creative Director of. It's a platform for women across the globe to share their testimonies.


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Does anyone else cringe to admit that we know Peter…and then we know Pope John Paul II? That’s okay! Because this is the book for you.


The Catholic Church holds that there have been 266 popes in St. Peter’s seat, which leaves us wondering: how do we remember them and what they are known for? POPES lays out all of the pontiffs since Peter himself and the one essential fact to know about them, just like SAINTS. 

the Word

Sometimes a single word can change everything...and Catholicism has a treasury of sacred language. This workbook guides us into a deeper contemplation on some of the most profound Catholic words.

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  • Huffington Post (web)

  • Shalom Tidings (print)

Letters to Women Podcast


The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson

Only The Lover Sings: Art & Contemplation by Josef Pieper

Below are some of the latest articles and books that have blown my mind.


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What I'm



The Work of Local Culture by Wendell Barry

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