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Cut It In Half Rule

Look at all the words on your flyer. Now cut it in half. Seriously, I'd lay money that you can easily do it and that half of those words are not necessary.

Print media should and can have only the absolute basic information on there. For example, how often do you pride yourself on cutting things down to:

Where: St. Agatha St. James Parish

When: Thursday, July 15th, 2019

Cut the "where." Cut the "when." Cut the year even if it's obvious!

My standard formula is as follows:

Title - Dcn. George's Ordination to the Priesthood

Tagline - Join us for this special event

Where - Our Lady of Fatima Parish

When - Sunday, Oct. 14th at 6pm

Necessary info - Reception to follow

Next step - To RSVP, please visit <web address>

You say, "But there's too much you need to say! But there's important information they need to know! What about the 'in lieu of gifts' or 'what to wear' or 'bring a side dish' or..." Well, that's the beauty of moving your audience online. All of your issues can be resolved with a simple: For more info, check out saintsaj.orgx/summerpicnic. NOTE! We did not write, "For more information, please visit http://saintsaj.orgx/summerpicnic. Even your hyperlink can eliminate words, particularly the http://.

Whatever words you have on your flyer, before you go to print, consider trying the exercise and cutting out every single non essential word. Less is more!

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